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I am the bespectacled guy on top. My name means ‘wisdom’ in Sanskrit (and many other Indian languages). I know it sounds cool, right? Unless you had to live with my mediocrity. I’m sure, a few months after I was born, my parents looked at each other, then looked at my beaming face, and then looked at the name (they christened me with!) on my birth certificate and looked again at each other and exclaimed, “What did we do!”

Thankfully, I have a beautiful wife who decided to put up with me and, from nowhere, three children sprung out in no time. We have lived and  moved from city to city and country to country since our childhood. Presently, I am a grad student and we get to walk through the spectacular ‘Streets of Philadelphia’, US of A!

Changing Glasses

It frustrates me to no end when I struggle to see (with glasses) what others clearly see with dreary morning eyes. I’ve worn glasses since I was seven and I’ve made innumerable visits to the optometrist to change my glasses as the myopic condition worsened. New glasses, invariably, make me see the world refreshingly better. It would be even fair to say that it often causes my sight to perceive things anew.

Often, I sense the same struggle with the condition of my overall perception of the world and long to change those glasses too. This blog will be an attempt towards that. I hope to explore this world by sensing (“to perceive something utilizing the senses”) & surmising (“infer without certain or strong evidence“). As I go about this process, it would serve us better in knowing that I am a straight man, a heterosexual (and happily married), an Indian (from Kerala) currently living in the US and a Christian. All these shape the way I see the world.

Our location, experiences, orientations and histories affect the way we perceive anything. With every new  information, we change, knowingly or unknowingly. We are perpetually in a state of flux, whether we like it or not. Some resist change and believe in the myth of constancy and stability. This, again, changes them. I, on the other hand, seize any information and see the potential of changing glasses and perceiving everything anew.

In this blog, I will let my curiosity run amok (and pontificate… why else would anyone blog?) on a wide range of topics. On any given day, the post could be inspired by a comment made by one of my professors, or some musing on religion, history or my neighbour’s cat.

Now, if you came to this page to track me down because you think I’ve roughed you up sometime in the past, I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse! But if you owe me money, let’s have it ‘venmo-ed’ real quick!


P.S: Grateful credits go to three smart people. Paul Tharian (techie who is also a ‘renaissance man’) helped this weblog get started by getting all the necessary back-end stuff in place. He is one of the best photographers I know too. George Samuel is a creative engine who helped me with the front-end design. And Anne Jones, my wife, is my favorite writer and baker! She captured me in that pose a few years ago (I admit I have lost more hair since then).