Vivek Jones

Changing Glasses

Dismantling rivalry- with a limp and a smile

Pandavas x Kauravas. Cain x Abel. Loki x Thor. Batman x Joker. Ram x Ravan. Harry Potter x Voldemort. Sherlock Holmes x James Moriarty. Carl Lewis x Ben Johnson. Bruce Lee x Han. And… Jerry Seinfeld x Duncan Meyer (Seinfeld’s ‘The race’ anybody? OK, I agree this last one doesn’t belong in this list.) Whether […]

Thirty- Seven Springs

He was still, words half uttered His lips quivered, the lump over which he stuttered She looks away, tearing and heaving Her fists clenched as her body trembles Thirty seven springs, many a season Stealthily moved through her wrinkling glow Time has come, to take her away Another season, another place Children of fortune, primed […]


“Schadenwhaat??” That was my response when I came across this word while reading an issue of Times Literary Supplement a few months ago. I had worked with Bosch for a couple of years and so had heard my share of guttural sounding “wie geht es dir?’s” and “nicht schlecht’s”. Later, as my interests panned out […]

Low. Slow. Below

We live in a dog eat dog world where success is defined as that which is bigger, better, faster, fairer (“you racist!”) and stronger. Recently, I had the opportunity to interact with the author Paul E. Miller. He peeled a sticky note off his computer and showed me the words ‘Low, Slow, Hidden’ on them […]

Small steps on a long road in the right direction

You know the guy who over-promises and does not deliver? That’s my worst nightmare about myself. Well, it’s not that crippling. I haven’t seen a shrink for it. Not that I’m always thinking about it either. But I do find myself contemplating it once-in-a-while. I am driven by the need to generate something that is […]