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"I know what you should do.."

“I know what you should do..”

I love neighborhood missions. I love talking about it. I love studying it. I love teaching it. I am excellent as a consultant and have changed quite a few lives. In fact I have even devised this weblog around how many lives I could impact in the Asian context concerning kingdom mission in neighborhood. I dig going deep into the problem of gospel-loving Christians sitting on their bums and speculating missions in neighborhood and not doing anything about it. By God’s grace my church has gone through a transformation through my leadership. Ain’t I supercool? In fact I am nearly ready to say that I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith!

 Well, I thought I was…till my wife thought of confronting me some days back about being a theoretician. That’s right. I am a gospel-loving neighborhood-missions crusader who still remains a theoretician at home. I wish I could say “don’t get me wrong…” but that’s exactly who I am. I have not invited my next door neighbors for a cup of coffee. I have not bought them groceries when they were ill (heck, I would not know if they were ill coz I have not made any effort towards forging a relationship with them). I have not invited them to my weekend ‘hangout’ parties. I have not said, “hey some of us pals are heading to Goa for the weekend, would love it if you could make it”. I have not bought their new born kid (who is now 8 months I guess) any gift. I am just another bloke who thinks he is supercool because he has changed others to reign in neighborhood missions. But whom am I fooling? I am the guy who has made a profession of picking the splinters of others’ eyes, awkwardly walking around with the log of wood sticking out of my own. I suck and I need help! Only Jesus’ Spirit can redeem me from my sin of pride and complacency.
Well, being a missional thinker, I thought it best to advise my now deflated self on inflating Jesus. I have decided to first dwell in the gospel and be charmed by how my new missionary identity flows from Jesus’ impressive life and death. I was a rebellious sword-bearing enemy but by His death He has now graciously made me a zealous messenger for His fame. His wrath should have been on me. Gallow weeper now a herald? What grace! Secondly, I want to be a consultant to the Joneses. Yes, I will take up my God-given responsibility to lead my family as He intended in such a way that Jesus’ lordship is visible to not just my neighbors but also my own wife and kids. Oh Spirit, how i need you! Thirdly, I will have some of my missional family guys pray for me and hold me accountable to my call as a Christian. Isn’t this what Heb 10:24 is about? I need grace-filled kicks up my back too.

So, now I intend on inviting my neighbors for chai on Saturday evening. And I also will spend some time chatting with the security guys who man the gates of our apartment tomorrow. I want to be led by the power of Jesus’ Spirit and not my focused strategy. So by His strength alone, I will hopefully very soon change my identity from being a Practical Theoretician to a Theory Practitioner!

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  1. Thank you for writing this post Vivek! Needless to say, your post has helped me think through areas I am not involving in my neighbours’ lives. Especially the folks next door! But then again, I am eagerly hoping to see God’s Spirit work in the areas you mentioned to bring forth fruit only He can bear. And He will, because you are more than conquering In Christ who loved us! 🙂 All the best- let me know how i can help you, apart from praying.

    1. Vivek Jones

      Thanks Aravind! Our co-identity as a family is huge to me!

  2. tom

    Askimg your next door neighbors how you can pray for them and serving them when they have need adorns the gospel before them. Good post bro.

    1. Vivek Jones

      Amen brother! May our churches impact our neighborhoods through ordinary days lived serving our neighbors as unto the Lord!

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