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Christian Dire Straits

I love Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler.
Listen to them...NOW!

Listen to them…NOW!

I find myself often wishing I could make my guitar sing, cry and twang like them. What is so catchy about these guys? They were not Queen with Freddie Mercury in stage antics. Neither did they orchestrate the flamboyant tri-guitar pose that Status Quo did. Yet they held even the Amazonian tribes spellbound with their music. They were definitely masters of their art. No matter how hard I tried, I could not imitate them. At all! So I did some analysis and concluded that their musical armour possibly had the tightest rhythm I knew. Let me explain. Google, my favourite dictionary, defines rhythm as “a strong, regular repeated pattern of movement or sound”. Like a clock ticking. Or a fat man snoring. Or a skinny runner hitting the road every morning at 6. Or a … you get it!

So what’s rhythm got to do with the gospel and life? When I had joined college, I was a name-sake Christian. There I met a bunch of Jesus-followers. I thought I knew Jesus and suddenly I did not know Jesus anymore and then, I knew Jesus. Yes, Jesus chose to save me from my sins. I started observing the Christian superheroes in their walk with God. I learnt a lot and am still inspired by their godly lives. These men had a strong discipline of distributing tracts during college lunch breaks. They would organize evangelistic programmes once a week and have follow-ups on them. These men and women were Bhagat Singhs for the Christian faith in my campus.

I developed a similar structure for reaching out to those who did not know Jesus. I rejoiced as my Lord chose to save some through the efforts. Soon the methodology got cemented. This was indeed how a Christian should live life.

It was in 2010 I heard about the Soma Communities based out of Tacoma, USA. It was there that I first heard the word ‘rhythms’ being used in a lot of scenarios. And strangely none of them were related to music! They were proponents of a different methodology for missions and it caused a cataclysmic upheaval of how I viewed it.

So here is the brief. Our life is filled with natural rhythms (re-read the definition), things we need to do often. You sleep daily and wake up daily. You eat close to 4 meals/snacks daily. Hopefully, you shower daily. You go to work daily. You know the benefits of reading the Bibleyes, you mentioned it…daily. There are so many activities we are engaged in a rhythmic way, either daily, weekendly, weekly or monthly (like maybe a haircut). These are the natural rhythms of life, a God-given pattern you are following. Here is the main point of my learning: strive not to wait for events to be created for gospel proclamation that are outside of natural life-rhythms. Events are separate from your daily life and they need a separate agenda to be fulfilled (eg: Sunday evening street tract distribution). The chances of missing a created event is much higher than missing something you need to do on a rhythmic basis. “My son listen to me, listen to my words with much attention. Seize all the natural rhythms in your life and be intentional in meditating and proclaiming Christ through them” (Vivek 4:65).  So if you walk in the morning, walk with others who walk at the same time. If you go grocery shopping, ask your neighbour if they would like you to purchase something for them. If you watch a movie, ask a friend to join you. It even works the other way around. Observe the friends or neighbors you want to reach out to. Understand their rhythms and get involved in those. He likes to throw hoops every evening? Get a ball and join him at the same time.
I love to eat. I love eating with others too!

I love to eat. I love eating with others too!

Rhythms are natural God-given patterns that should be seized for the expansion of the kingdom. They allow the gospel to be exposed in everyday normal settings. They give opportunity for the gospel to flow naturally and more frequently to our not-yet-christian friends and neighbours.  Let’s use effective ways for God’s kingdom and slowly distance ourselves from only creating gospel events. As for me, I would like to focus on seizing one rhythm in the coming week for the sake of intentionally building relationships: in the power of His Spirit, I would like to invite a neighbour to gym along with me every morning. I failed to play Dire Straits as neatly as they did. But by God’s grace I will be the baptized version of Dire Straits in gospel living.

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  1. Awesome article bro.. I remember the days you were passionately chatting about these things with me.
    God be with you pal!

    1. Vivek Jones

      What a blessing it has been to bounce off many crazy ideas with you across the years mate!

  2. Benoy

    I love your passion for reaching out by living as missional families.. God Bless you, Vivi…

    1. Vivek Jones

      Thanks Benoy…all because of grace!

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