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"Papa, Papa, I have a headache!"

“Papa, Papa, I have a headache!” complained my three-year-old son, waking me up in the middle of the night. And so did a blissful night end up being a ten-day ordeal of grace-filled agony at our home.


I assumed this was one of his patent excuses to snuggle up to Anne and me on our bed. He had done it several times in the past. It couldn’t have been different this time. “John Mark, go back to your bed and sleep without fussing. If Amy wakes up…” My voice faded into a sin-filled threat as he retreated to his sleeping place – a mattress on the floor a few feet away from my bed. In twenty minutes he was muttering under his breath. I sat up and whispered furiously, “Keep quiet!”, hoping my one-year old would not wake up. JM did not stop. So in ten minutes, irritated, I sneaked up to his mattress. To make my point, I held him firmly. But the words did not come out. Instead my heart skipped a beat. He was burning hot and delirious. Some insane fever had overcome him. I gently lifted him to my bed and woke my wife up to this information. It was 2:30 AM.


The next ten days were not the easiest for our family. From rushing JM that night to a hospital and trying to contain his high-grade fever at home, to being admitted for eight days in a hi-tech specialty hospital, the strain on us emotionally, physically, financially and above all, spiritually, was draining. My son was suffering beyond I could imagine. And I could not do anything for him. As they were chasing the ghost of this fever, the doctors stumbled upon another condition he had. The Holy Spirit persisted with me and persuaded me that this was my moment to seize and live using the gospel lens. In light of that, I will be writing in the coming days a few gospel experiences I had. Stay tuned as my Saviour, Jesus, shall be glorified through these stories.

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  1. Thank you Vivek this is Jose from Bosch.
    I have resigned Bosch and working for Jesus Calls now

    1. Vivek Jones

      Jose, Great to hear that you are in the Almighty’s service. Blessings!

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