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About me

Hi, I am Vivek. I am the guy with specs on the top. My name means ‘wisdom’ in Sanskrit (and so in most Indian languages). I love my name but despised its meaning for several years as school friends derived great pleasure out of commenting on it when my grades were made known for every test. Yeah, you guessed right. I didn’t do too well in academics at school.

My wife Anne and I have three children. And no, we don’t have pets. There is one person in particular in my family who doesn’t like ’em whom I shall leave unnamed.

I love Seinfeld! I know that dates me considerably. I do enjoy The Office but I can’t see a comparison between both. I confess I haven’t enjoyed Hindi soap operas much. My favorite movies of all time are from various languages. They are The Godfather, Fight Club & Braveheart in English; Sholay, Rock On and Mard (which was on an endless loop in my growing years) in Hindi & Pattna Pravesham, Manichitra Thazhu and Kireedam in Malayalam. There have been some Tamil movies like Sadma also which I was very moved by (three cheers to Kamal Hassan!). I love almost any movie with Amitabh Bachchan, Amir Khan, Mohanlal & Al Pacino.

I have been pursuing a life of wisdom for some years. Not to say that I have arrived. I have seen many ups and downs. I have made foolish choices. But the general trajectory has been an attempt to live with wisdom.

I grew up and did my early schooling in the Middle East. I then continued from middle school to university in India. I worked many years in big cities in India and then pastored a small church (Marg in Pune, India) for a number of years. Presently I am in the US pursuing a graduate degree.

There are three things you might want to know about me if you seek to follow this blog.

One, I think primarily in big picture. A few solid pieces are enough for me to take the liberty of creative jumps. I fill in the details later. Slowly. As I see the mosaic fall in place. Many people don’t like this style as they prefer a clear step by step process. It’s a difference in philosophy. I don’t blame you if you’re one of them. I understand your frustration around people like me.

Two, I rethink and question anything I have inherited. I stick to some and I abandon the rest. Some people prefer the safety of the tradition net. I don’t. The lens I use as an authority to interpret everything is the Bible. But even Biblical interpretation has its own baggage. My theology is not built on western confessions or theological tomes. The west, like in everything else, imagine they have the corner on the Bible. I have eastern eyes and may see things differently. Having said that I believe that the Bible, though written in a certain culture, is supra-culturally applicable in all cultures for all time and I attempt to shed as much of the inherited theological baggage I have received from the west as well as from the east as I glean from it. Viewing life with this ongoing dynamics causes me to rethink everything. There are people in the blogosphere who rant against certain systems because of some hurt they’ve gone through by it. That won’t be me. I am not hurt that easily. It’s not circumstances that have made me rethink. That’s how I’m wired.

Three, I’ve grown to love beauty and peace over the years. I love to see the earth flourish with people loving God and one another,  living a life of abundance today under the creation mandate and waiting for a better tomorrow. I love looking at trees in full bloom and stretch my palms towards its leaves and feeling them on my finger tips. And no, I’m not a hippy! I find myself also staring at beautiful buildings, paintings and sculptures, marveling at the skill given to mankind to channel resources and talent and create something of beauty. I am also drawn to true beauty in men and women- a beauty that is deeper than the skin. My heart is drawn to all kinds of music- Hindustani to Blues to World Music. Art is a gift from God to sooth our souls and motivate us to work on making every aspect of life beautiful. I believe only Jesus facilitates a grand perspective toward this.

About the blog

This blog will focus on exploring what wisdom in everyday life looks like. Have you wondered how you should think about certain events arising in everyday conversation with friends or as life does its usual twist on you? I hope these are things I could converse with you on.

The blog will be a melting pot of theology, spirituality, culture, technology, ethics and social issues (high aspirations!). But the focus will be on wisdom for living.

If you think I’ve roughed you up sometime in the past, I suggest wisdom says let go. Don’t troll! Cheers!