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Kingdom Wisdom

Epilepsy and backflips??

JM leapt from the hospital bed ready to go home. His energy shook the room at the hint that he wouldn’t have to stay under supervised treatment for another minute. No more torturous syringes thrust into his skin daily. No more MRI scan, ECG scan, sonography, I.V. drip. We marveled and clapped our hands! Our […]

Body or Soul – What's more important?

  The hospital strangely started resembling a second home to us. It had been a week in there. JM began showing signs of recovery from the fever. We used every trick in the book to make him eat three spoons of food three times a day, a herculean task even when things were well. The […]

"Mama, don't pray… Jesus won't answer!"

Anne and I alternated days between being at the hospital for night duties with John Mark. There was really no rest when we came home because we would have to take care of the other two children. One night, after I put Kathryn, my five year old and Amy, my 1 year old to bed, […]

"Your son has epilepsy"

It had already been 4 days of hospitalisation. The doctors still had not found what was causing our son’s white blood corpuscles to shoot up to 25000, nearly four times the normal amount. “His blood is infected”, they said. But that’s all they knew. He was still battling high fevers and skull-wrenching headaches. JM had […]

"Only God can help us, Son!"

It was the second day that Anne and I were trying to contain JM’s fever. If not for some trust in technology, I would have suspected the functionality of our thermometer — it failed to show any reading south of 104 F. We were trying  to keep our other two children away from JM for […]

"Papa, Papa, I have a headache!"

“Papa, Papa, I have a headache!” complained my three-year-old son, waking me up in the middle of the night. And so did a blissful night end up being a ten-day ordeal of grace-filled agony at our home. I assumed this was one of his patent excuses to snuggle up to Anne and me on our bed. He […]